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Our Project For The Club

Structure of the Real Murcia C.F Group

Our club structure is based on the German concept in which, on the one hand, no shareholder can have more than 49% of the company, thus ensuring that society is always sufficiently atomized. And on the other, split the professional part (the SAD) of the amateur part (grassroots football), which would belong entirely to its fans, sponsors and the local companies. In this way the SAD would be prepared for any type of capital increase and its function would be to be a professional showcase for the amateur side. And the true core of the club, the root, what gives it identity, would always be in the hands of its social base protected from any type of shareholder speculation. This club structure is a bet and a challenge that the national CSD has put on the table to modify the Sports Law in our country. And we want to be pioneers in the implementation.

The Sport Model for Real Murcia C.F.

For the AAMRM the sports model represents the “core business” of society. And its definition must be approached with a global vision of what we want to be and how it will represent our club values.

To address the definition of the model we have analyzed our strengths and weaknesses as well as our uniqueness, what we are and how we are.

From that self-knowledge, what we are, what we can be and what we want to be we have designed our sports model. A model that must be timeless and independent of the people who manage the club at all times (the model above the people who carry it out), and which is fundamentally based on:

• A professional Technical scouting office with human resources, work methodology and technology.

• The players and coach profile that we want for the first professional team.

• Proposal of Youth Academy.

• Construction of “Training ground” site for youth academy and first professional team.

A professional Scouting office with human resources, work methodology and technology

According to AAMRM it has to be a key department of the organization, because it is in charge of definition and preparation of the different teams that will take place and it is the area that can generate more income to the Club in the medium or long term.

If we are going to reduce the budget in the recruitment of players and prioritize the promotion of homegrown players we have to invest in a professional scouting department and provide it with the appropriate tools. The intention of the AAMRM is to initiate a project of creation of own software or adaptation of existing platform for the monitoring and evaluation of players of the youth academy and players offered by the market based on the analysis of information and its subsequent transformation in value by the professionals who work on that for to take decisions.

Players profile for the first professional team

The making of the professional team by Manager can not be limited to seeing what is the best option that the market offers. The players who join our club, our project, through the professional team directly, must meet a series of requirements that align with our idiosyncrasies and our club values. Sacrifice, respect, pride of belonging are non-negotiable values. From there, we consider three major types of players that should come to our template:

a) Young players: who want to claim himself in a centennial club, who come from the recruitment method made by our technical secretary, both in our query and outside it.

b) Young talents of our region, who lack of opportunities at home, emigrated to other clubs at an early age. What we call the “return operation”.

c) Players checked in the category where the team plays; with a proven track record and leadership in other clubs that guide young players and appreciate what a club like Real Murcia can bring to their careers.

Profile of our coach

In the profile of the coach, like the Sport manager, the fundamental concepts of the sports model require a coach involved in the project. The general results of the medium-term project on top of his short personal goals. Understood it as to prioritize the consolidation of homegrown players in the first team. Aim the project in each press conference, statement or technical decision he makes. And his collaboration and work with the technicians of the academy.

Therefore, we would offer contract not only base on competitive classification. Also based on other criteria focused on the consolidation of homegrown players in the first team.

Approach to Youth Academy

Our strength through the knowledge of our weakness.

The first concept to develop is the intensification in the training of young talents and the growing of Real Murcia profile player.

And for that, to pay maximum attention, care and resources in their sports, academic and personal training, the first decision is to reduce the “pyramid of youth teams system”, the number of teams or “lines” to the so-called “elite group” (a two team per lower category). That reduction will allow the generation of alliances with other local and modest academies in the area where we will share those players who do not fit into that “elite group“. And that we will follow very closely until the end of his training and his entry into senior age.

We do not want to be a “bad imitation” of the academy model of the big clubs, which geographically come through all the academy clubs looking for young talents from an early age and against which you can not do nothing if they decide to take one of your young promises. We have to persuade them with other weapons, offering them an “added value” through intensification. A kind of high performance school, with scholarship players, counter-benefits outside the field of football. Training them so that they have the knowledge of what their profession of sportsman will be and that they get the most out of them, for themselves and for the Club. Developing them for the professional world: the Club, relations with the press, finances, social networks, nutrition, marketing, etc.

Giving them counter-benefits (university studies, residence, …) and with high chances of reaching the first team. And if they leave, open the door for them through the “return operation” through our youth team or even professional team.

The second concept to be implemented is the promotion of homegrown players in the first team.

We have studied the academy model of numerous top teams, from Ath. Bilbao, Sporting de Gijón, Eibar, even Yeclano C.F. (a modest local club). We firmly believe in the enhancement of our product as the way for the sustainability of the club. But it is necessary that the supporters internalize this model and make it their own. That can not be only a simple and recurrent argumentation in times of crisis. That is why our intention is to make a referendum with shareholders and supporters where we would decide to implement a rule which consist 50% of the players have to be homegrown players. So the supporters would participate in the process of definition of our club project, objectives and strategic planning to achieve it.

In order, not to affect the team competence, and because it can not be implemented overnight, a transition 3 to 6 years period will be established for the implementation. And will have room within “homegrown” players all which born in the region and / or who have spent at least 1 year playing in our youth academy or other local club with join agreement with our club.

Building of a “Training Ground” site


The Trainning ground project of the AAMRM, a “University of papriker’s values”.

Providing facilities for the youth teams, the “great dream” of the supporters and the new stay, has been a priority for the AAMRM since its inception. Start by regrouping the bases in a common environment, such as the University Campus, which realizes that there has been a time.

We believe in a modest and austere project, executed in phases, in the surrounding land in the Nueva Condomina stadium owned by the City Council, through the administrative procedure of “concession of land use” for a period of 30 years extendable to 10 years and more. Disposal possibilities before the end of the concession.

And we trust on this way due to the multiple synergies and great benefits that would be for both the club and the City of Murcia.

On the one hand the club would save in the most important budget item, the civil work, by using the ground floor of the stadium for the installation of changing rooms, canteen, power and water supply connections and other necessary investments in this chapter in the short and medium term (as a residence). Drastically reducing the execution budget.

On the other hand, the City Council would benefit from the revaluation of an asset, the stadium, currently without being properly exploited and a municipal facility: Stadium + sports facilities next to a shopping center, which would make up the “city of sport” where to organize, host and celebrate sporting events of different kinds. As well as to increase the sportive endowments to the service of the city and the different clubs of bases with which the Real Murcia has agreement.

The financing of this project has nothing to do with the viability plan of the SAD. It would be implemented through a promoter society, owned by the club but never in a majority way. As the activity of the club is to generate players and compete. Do not make facilities. A “Promoter Society S.L.” which would open the participation in its social capital to supporters, shareholders of the club and / or any other promoter society interested.

The participation in the social capital may be monetary or assuming the execution of budget items of the project. There will also be chance for payback through advertising at the different advertising platforms of the training ground site. Even the name of the different training spaces to billboards.

The intention of the AAMRM is that the main training camp and where it celebrates imperial (name of the under 21 years old team) its competition matches is called Camp “Torre de la Marquesa” or Campo [sponsor] “Torre de la Marquesa” (dedicated to the name of the first competition camp used by the club in the history).

The Real Murcia CF SAD would sign with this “Promoter society S.L.” concessionaire of the municipal lands, which would be responsible for its maintenance and exploitation, a preferential but not exclusive use agreement for the facilities, of 30 years duration, in against an annual payment that would allow and ensure the payback of the main investment to this “Promoter Society S.L.”.



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