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Fotografía De Cena Tras La Reunión Fundacional De La Asociación.

The association of shareholders of Real Murcia (AAMRM in Spanish) emerged in 2013 as a spontaneous movement of fans outraged with the institutional management of which, until then, had been chairman of the club’s board of directors and maximum shareholder, Mr. Jesus Samper Vidal .

It was a few months of protests and denunciations until in April 2014 a small group of that movement, after a meeting in a cafe on the Ronda Sur avenue in the Murcia capital, decided to give shape to what we now know as the Association of Shareholders of Real Murcia (AAMRM).

It was the first time that a group of professionals was organized to approach and question with rigor and in a pro-active way the corporate and institutional news of the club.

Our first assembly as an association took place on October 25, 2014 and was a success of attendance and content.

Soon we won the respect of the supporters and, despite the opposition shown to its management, even of the President himself, Mr. Jesus Samper and his board of directors.

Since that moment, the association has not stopped growing, incorporating new members from different professional fields to participate in the different work commissions, as well as specific collaborations with professionals and external consultants.

So in December 2015, after the death of the President and maximum shareholder of the company Mr Jesus Samper, we were required to be part of a transitory and temporary board of directors together with the other great representation platform of Murcia, the Federation of Supporters of Real Murcia (FEPEMUR in Spanish).

Hecho Histórico. Por Primera Vez En La Historia Reciente, La Afición Al Consejo De Administración Al Que Pertenecieron Los Miembros De La AAMRM Los Servicios Prestados.

That board of directors, headed by Guillermo Martinez-Abarca saved great institutional “matchball” thanks, in an important part, to the members of the AAMRM that entered the board of directors, which contributed to the club’s continued living today. Milestones as the completion of the re-agreement of creditors without which the club would have been liquidated or the design and execution of the capital increase key to obtain sufficient liquidity to end the season, got widespread recognition of the fans and the club itself granting our association the gold and bright badge.

Imagen Del Acto Celebrado En El Real Casino De Murcia De Condecoración Con La Insignia De Oro Y Brillantes A La AAMRM (entre Otros Ilustres).

Therefore, and up to now, the AAMRM has watched tirelessly for the interests of the club and its shareholders with honesty and integrity. Participating in up to 3 different board of director nature and for different reasons, as independent directors. What has generated a knowledge and know-how of incalculable value on the club management and exploitation. Training us to propose and defend different alternative proposals to achieve the viability of society and establish a club model according to their values.

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